Help Wanted

The Downley Local History Group (DLHG) has a number of copies of photographs for which we have little to no information as to when they were taken, where they were taken, and what was the occasion. We would very much appreciate it if you could look through the photographs below and help us by answering at least some of these questions so the photographs can then be transferred to the appropriate location on the website.

If you are able to help please either contact the DLHG by clicking here to send us an e-mail or ring Brian Knott on 07791 853504. All of the photographs shown have an identification number, and please include this in any communication.

Can you provide a date for this photograph? On the LHS you can see that the Grocers owned by Jez Mines has recemntly closed. (DLHG Ref: 37)
What was the occasion and when? (DLHG Ref: 01)
Manor Stores in Littleworth Road, but when? (DLHG Ref: 11)
Mountjoy’s Retreat but when? (DLHG Ref: 17)
Mountjoys Retreat but when, and do you have
a better quality photo? (DLHG Ref: 18)
What are these men celebrating,
and when and where? (DLHG Ref: 24)

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